giovedì 14 giugno 2012

Ex Libris!

Ex Libris in colors by Cecilia Giumento :))))

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Janina ha detto...

I'm sorry, neither my Italian nor my French are good enough (how about Spanish?), but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy this piece and your work overall - which is why I'm adding you to my link list as of now. ;)

Greetings from a fellow comic artist,

Antonello Dalena ha detto...

ciao Janina,
sorry but I speak only english...a little bit :)
thanks for the add!

Ilaria Catalani ha detto...


SaruJin ha detto...

Hey !!!

Where are you ??? in holidays ?
Great picture, welle done ;)

Ciao Ciao

Gaetano Longo ha detto...

Bellissimo!! se ti va passa a dar un'occhiata alle mie illustrazioni ;)